What are the Gifts?

Once you discover your gifts, you discover a tremendous potential for happiness.

People are concerned with getting to know themselves better so they can be fulfilled, happy, and the best version of themselves so they can be of service to the Lord and to others.  As we understand our own giftedness, we can enjoy our work and do it well

Our focus is on the motivational gifts, a biblical way of looking at the inborn gifts God has given to us and to others. The list of gifts can be found in Romans 12. The personal assessment based on this teaching is incredibly detailed, accurate, and effective. You will find it easier to forgive and be less critical of each other. We have tests for adults, teens, and children.

Three Gift Categories

Manifestation Gifts

Supernatural manifestations of the Holy Spirit at work through a believer.

Ministry Gifts

Not titles, but functions.

Motivation Gifts (Our Focus)

The gifts we possess, which God built into us that shape our personalities, and are part of our DNA.


Perceiver is one who readily perceives, prays about, proclaims, and promotes the will of God. However, is one of the most misunderstood gifts because s/he tends to be or come across as judgmental and blunt.

The Perceiver

The Perceiver Spiritual Gift


The Server receives joy in helping, assisting, carrying out instructions, being of use in a wide variety of ways. However, servers have a problem saying no, may neglect their own family’s needs by being too busy helping others, and finds it hard to accept being served by others.

The Server

The Server Spiritual Gift


The person with the gift of teaching is very analytical and logical, and not concerned with your opinions. They just want the facts and should be functioning to some degree in the area of teaching others. They’re drawn into fields of research and may do their teaching through writing papers, articles, dissertations, or books, rather than in person. However, teachers tend to develop pride in their intellectual ability.

The Teacher

The Teacher Spiritual Gift


Exhorters are natural counselors and want to impart information and present content that can be made effective in people’s lives. They love to encourage others to live victoriously and are loved because of their positive attitude. However, Exhorters tend to interrupt others in their eagerness to give opinions or advice.

The Exhorter

The Exhorter Spiritual Gift


The Giver can be a leader or a follower and has a love for the Word of God, is uniquely resourceful, gives freely of their money, time, energy, love, and possessions, and handles finances with wisdom. However, the giver may upset family and friends with their unpredictable giving patterns.

The Giver

The Giver Spiritual Gift


The Administrator is a born leader, a visionary, constantly writes notes to self, and is highly motivated to organize what they are responsible for. However, they can neglect home responsibilities due to interest in their job (burning the midnight oil).

The Administrator

The Administrator Spiritual Gift


The gift of compassion is both the most beautiful gift and the most emotionally destructive. They have the greatest capacity to show love, yet are most vulnerable to hurt because their hearts are most open to others. Compassion people are drawn to hurting people and take action to remove hurts and relieve stress in others.

The Compassionate

The Compassion Spiritual Gift
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"Discovering my gifts saved my life and saved my marriage."

- Kathy Hood