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Discovering my gifts saved my life and saved my marriage.

- Kathy Hood

Tired of all the conflict? Let's make it better.

Do you often find yourself clashing with friends, family, or coworkers over nothing? Do you find yourself in the same bad relationships over and over? I bet you want me to tell you it’s not you, it’s them!

Well, you’re half right. It’s them reacting to YOU.

Don’t worry, there’s nothing wrong with you. You just need to understand who you really are, and how to approach others with different gifts than yours.

The first step to better relationships at home, at work, and in love is to discover your gifts – then you can step right into living your destiny the way God intended.

These are gifts that God built into us that shape our personalities and are part of our DNA.

You CAN have that Kingdom Building life. Discover yourself. Start now.

Meet the Gifts


Perceives the character of individuals and groups.


Recognizes practical needs and is quick to meet them.


Validates truth by checking out the facts.


Highly motivated to organize


encourage others to live up to their full potential.


Loves to give without others knowing about it.


Has a tremendous capacity to show love.

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Isn’t it time to stop holding yourself back? Take hold of your future and build the life you’ve been dreaming of. It all begins with knowing who you really are.